Entre Margens (Between river banks) is a project of artistic intervention in the historical centres of Douro region cities. For three consecutive summers (2011/13) dozens of photographic exhibits will be shown in the public space, complemented with performing art shows (cinema, music, theatre, dance and multi-disciplinary), together with related colloquiums.

The project aims to promote new ways of interpreting contemporary creative output, whilst reviving public spaces under the XXI Agenda: local sustainable development, cultural co-operation and environmental preservation.

Entre Margens encourages and challenges up-and-coming artists and photographers to take a fresh look at the region, rediscover a universe centered in the river, the wine and its people, but not singly defined by these elements.

Entre Margens is promoted by the Museu do Douro Foundation, is curated and coordinated by the Cultural Association
It gathers the support of eight municipalities of the Douro region – Amarante, Lamego, Mirandela, Peso da Régua, Porto, Santa Marta de Penaguião, Vila Nova de Gaia and Vila Real - and it is partially financed by European project QREN ON.2 - Large Cultural Events.
Entre Margens was presented at Fête de l’Éurope in Bordeaux in May 2012, and in Lisbon in March/April 2013.